My Frankengame: Hey, you got weird Sword & Sorcery into my High Fantasy

There’s a little RPG blog meme that started last month (Thanks to Mike at Wrath of Zombie and Anarkeith at Telluric Currents). So I’ve been busy getting this blog off ground but it is a great place to start.

I’ve dubbed my Frankengame Home Brew Hack and most of the notes have been moved over here. Originally, it was based around Castles & Crusades with a dose of Pathfinder thrown in. But like many things, as time passes it evolves and changes. I decided to base the game on Swords & Wizardry instead.

Swords & Wizardry (and it’s Sword & Sorcery offspring Crypts & Things): That’s the basis for the core rules. The simple classes and general mechanics make it prefect for kit bashing.

Lamentations of The Flame Princess: Yes, another retro-clone. This game is a great source for some good new takes on spells (looking at you, Summon). I’m also working on a skill system inspired the Lamentations d6 system but using a d12 as a base.

Castles & Crusades: Oh no. I didn’t forget about this one. The number one thing that I like with C&C is a save for every stat. Yeah, a dump stat can kill you. Now this may sound like it goes against S&W one save to rule them all. But not really. It just takes a little tweaking. Each class still would get the base One Save. My rough estimate is to increase it by 1 from the base number as written in S&W. Any save modifiers based on class and race should be divided by two (rounded down, minimum of +1). Characters would get their ability modifier as bonus (or penalty) to Saving Throws based on what they are saving against.

So there you go the basic crunchy bits. Yes, I know I really don’t post the exact wording that often. There’s a reason for that. I’m kind of lazy. My huge working document for my Frankengame is largely just copy and pasted bits from the various of games with some minor edits. I just don’t feel right posting copy and paste material freely on the Internet. But I don’t mind saying that I’m using X from Y game, so go check out that game (and maybe buy it).

So where do I want to head with the fluff? Well, I haven’t done that much work on it yet but I do have some ideas and these ideas will influence some of the crunch. First and foremost is magic. I tend to like magic as mysterious and dangerous. It should be useful and key point in the setting and rules but spellcasters shouldn’t be superheroes compared to the other characters. I tend to lean more towards a Swords & Sorcery/Lamentations of the Flame Princess style magic.

The other is races. To put it bluntly, I’ve grown weary of Tolkien inspired fantasy RPG’s. What was once considered the archetype for a fantasy world has become more of a stereotype. There’s no reason we shouldn’t take things in new directions. Break the molds. Twist the tropes. Like I said, I haven’t done too much work on this part but then that’s fodder for future posts.

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