Zombie Grubs Just Want To Eat Your Brain

Yes, I know I promised more Crypts & Things goodness this week but real life just came along and crushed all my well laid plans. So as a consolation prize, I present you ZOMBIE GRUBS!
Through ancient and profane rituals, powerful necromancers are able to transform disgusting rot grubs into an even more vile creature with a variety of evil uses.
At first glance zombie grubs appear to just normal rot grubs until it is too late. Once a zombie grub hits with an attack it begins burrowing towards the victims brain and will reach it in 1d4 rounds. The grub then begins devouring the victim’s brain doing 1d4 Intelligence and Wisdom damage each round. Characters may attempt to kill the grubs before they reach the brain using fire which will damage the victim as well or amputation. Casting Cure Disease will kill rot grubs but not zombie grubs. A simple Bless spell will kill the zombie grubs. If a cleric successfully turns undead, the zombie grubs will forcibly leave the victim’s body doing 1d6 damage. And if this should happen in the middle of combat, oh well.
HD 1d4
AC 9[10]
Atk 1 burrow
Move 1
Save 17
Special: Burrows to brain.

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