Dwarves: Squeal Like An Orc, Boy!

Dwarves. They’re beer drinking fight-loving master smiths. They like killing giants and goblins. They’re tough. Blah. We’ve heard it all before. Let’s twist these little suckers. This isn’t so much about game mechanics but just looking at them a little bit differently. Let’s take your common every day boring dwarf and make them a just a little bit more interesting.

So let’s take this as a bit of lore. In ancient times, they were master smiths and brewers. They had massive cities under the earth filled with wondrous stone work. They kept to themselves and got just a bit inbred. They sold their weapons and beer to the surface races and demand quickly exceeded supply. Quality suffered. Dwarven society spiraled downward over a few generations.
Their underground cities were quickly overrun by orcs, goblins or worse. They moved above ground into small isolated villages. Their beer got you drunk if it didn’t make you go blind. Their weapons looked good until they broke. They remained proud, xenophobic and violent. Basically, they became a bunch of hill billy bikers.
Yeah, something different. I just thinks it’s something we could all do to our campaigns. It’s nice to have the good old standard stuff. But after a while it’s a bit boring. It’s OK to shake up things, every now and then.

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