Druids: No Hippies Here

So I’ve twisted other classes and races and decided that Druids really need to be put through the grinder.
Now, I’m not going to go back to historical origins of the Druid and I’m especially not going with the tree hugging hippies either. I wanted something a little different. So I thought about magic and flipped through the pages of Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Crypts & Things then a little light bulb went off. Magic Users reach beyond reality and harness the power of Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. Clerics channel the gifts of the divine. So where would that leave Druids? Harnessing the power of Nature.
Let’s just make that a little more interesting. Not hug the tree (because in D&D a tree can come to life and kick your ass). Druids harness the power of Nature’s wrath. We’re talking hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, plague and so on. They strike down their foes with the power of the elements; Air, Earth, Fire and Water. They don’t live along side of nature, they try to master it. But I wanted some source or personification of that power. So I though creature most represents the power and fury of the elements that isn’t an elemental. Then it hit me. Dragons. They have elemental breath weapons. They are tough monsters with incredible magical power. Perfect. Druids are now Dragon cultists.
As far as crunch goes, here’s my ideas so far. No more Druid “secret language”. Druids speak Draconic. Druids don’t change into animals any more but high level Druids could change into a dragon. Most importantly, totally gut the spell list. Drop all the Cleric type spells. Let the clerics cast them. Add any elemental type spells. Fireball, lightning bolts and so on. Yes, I know that usually that’s the purview of Magic-Users but with this rework I think it applies. Druids don’t have animal companions or can summon furry woodland creatures. But they can summon elementals and this case I wouldn’t let Magic Users be able to do this.
Yeah, I know this isn’t quite a fully fleshed out idea. But hell, go play with and roll some dice.

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