The Sword of Stolen Memories

Who doesn’t love an ancient powerful soul eating sword?
The Sword of Stolen Memories acts as a normal +1 sword but it gains special abilities when it kills opponents with class levels. Victims without class levels like peasants or monsters only sate the sword and provide no other benefit.
The special effects are based on the class and the amount of levels of the victim(s). Each time one of the sword’s special abilities is used it burns the appropriate amount levels based on the class. The only way to recharge the sword is by killing more.
Fighter: +1d4 To Attack Rolls or +1d8 Damage. Determined before dice are rolled. The sword can do this 1x/level of fighter killed.
Cleric: Cast Cure Light Wounds on the wielder. 1x/two levels of cleric killed.
Thief: Cast the equivalent of the Knock spell. 1x/two levels of thief killed.
Magic-User: The ability to cast once the spells that were in the memory of the victim at time of death.
The Catch. Every artifact has catch. If the wielder of the sword dies. He cannot be resurrected by any means. His soul is forfeit to the sword. On the bright side, it does count as class levels for special abilities. The new wielder will be thankful for your sacrifice.

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