Hordes of Things

We all know that RPG’s got their start from war gaming and I have to admit that I’ve done my own little bit of virtual warmongering.
A lot of times in games, folks want to do a whole war thing. But the thing is it’s always been pretty much a pain in the ass. Just my preference but I like to step back and roll in actual war game rules then tweak them just a bit. I think it works better than bending an RPG to simulate a war game.
For fantasy war gaming, my favorite set of rules is Hordes of Things. A very simple set of rules for 15mm fantasy warfare. It’s not totally involved like Warhammer and work much better for larger and more abstract battles. It also doesn’t take a lot of table space and the learning curve isn’t that steep. Battles can be run very quickly. And now for the even bigger plus. You can grab the rules for free.
So go check them out. You really don’t have anything to lose.

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