Undead as Divine Retribution

Why do undead always fall into the evil things that just need to get killed. Yeah, I know it’s pretty easy to pigeon hole them into that category but I was staring blankly at the wall the other day a little thought crossed my mind.
Why can’t undead also play the role of harbingers of divine retribution? I’m not a zombie plague or anything like that. I’m talking Odin sitting back and slamming a few brews with a bunch of fallen heroes in Valhalla. He looks down on the mortal world and sees a bunch of “his” people slouching around like a bunch wily nily pansies and he decides to a little fire under their butts and weed out the weaklings. Unleash the souls of the Fallen Heroes.
Now we ain’t talking no hippy gods with this one. We’re talking angry mean warrior gods. You know like that Crom.

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