How Many Gods?

I’m continuing on painting my yet-to-be-named world with broad strokes. Don’t worry, the detailed stuff will follow. This time I want to talk about gods.
So how many? I know that may seem like kind of a crazy question but let’s face it too many gods just get too damned confusing. For this little Frankengame, one of the first thoughts when it comes to gods and making a manageable number is to drop the racial gods. One world, one pantheon. But what this doesn’t mean that there’s just one church and one way of worshiping the gods. The idea is a few gods but they are worshiped many different ways across the world and like I said in the last post. I don’t want to divide the gods between “good” and “evil”. The gods are worshiped and/or feared depending on the situation and the location. For this world, I’m thinking five major gods but allow a whole host of minor or household gods. So the big five:

Life, Healing, Nature, Elements, Storms, Farming
Death, War, Disease, Corruption,
Knowledge, Wisdom, Mysteries, Secrets
Love, Lust, Emotions, Bravery
Fate, Luck, Destiny

This little break down is based on my first gut reactions. Thoughts?

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