Dungeonslayers 4 In English!

OK, seems I’m rattling on about products but there’s just seem to be a string of stuff that just keeps popping up. (Note: Yeah, that’s going to continue next week.) But dang. Dungeonslayers 4 in English. Way cool.
I’ve always been a fan of Dungeonslayers. It’s got some great simple mechanics and all the fun of the old school stuff. It’s always on the very top of my list when a potential gamer asks about for a suggestion on a first game. The cost is awesomely low. Like free and released under a Creative Commons license. There’s minimal for a new gamer. Just need a d20. And if the new person is nice, I might even just give him one. Mini’s. Yeah, we all know they are useful but you can get by with tokens or whatever when you’re first starting out.
Now if that ain’t enough for you to check it out. There’s plenty of fan made adventures, settings and supplements. So just go check it out already.

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