Got My Blood of The Dragon for Crypts & Things

Just got the PDF of this last night. Hey, cool. My name is in it. Yeah, I backed this one on Indiegogo. No problem.
So to catch you up. Crypts & Things in a Sword & Sorcery variant for Swords & Wizardry available from D101 Games. And here’s my little review of the core book. Yeah, I wrote that before I started this blog. Any way, I like it. Just think that there needs to be sword & sorcery out there (but that’s another rant for later).
Blood of the Dragon is an introductory adventure and one of the rewards for the project meeting its goals. I’d say that it’s good starting fodder. There’s a little bit of a hex crawl that can be easily expanded or GM’s can add more details to their liking. And there’s a little dungeon crawl. And few adventure seeds here and there.
One of the things I hate trying to review or even comment on an adventure is avoiding spoilers. So I’ll try to avoid that but give you a hint that the new monsters for the module are Battle Apes! Take it from there, kids.
Overall, I’d say that it’s a decent intro module. Not quite as good as Keep on the Borderlands or Death Frost Doom, but I think that those two are classics. The adventure is pretty straight forward. Remember, it’s an introductory module so it’s better for beginning players. I feel that much of the hex crawl is kind a blank canvas for GM’s to throw in their special kind of insanity. There’s some encounters but wish there were a few more. Personally, I’d probably take it, tweak it and make it even more twisted. But hell that’s the kind of guy I am.
I don’t know when, if or for how much this retail. But I’m happy with it.

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