Remembering Talislanta. It Ain’t Nostalgia.

The thing some folks say about the OSR is that it’s just a bunch of neck beards reliving their glory days or at best some pitiful attempt at nostalgia. But I started thinking about a href=””Talislanta/a the other day and it wasn’t about nostalgia.
The thing is that this was a game that I totally ignored back in the day. I was happy playing the games I had and didn’t bother to look that far for anything beyond that. I remember seeing ads for it in Dragon and liked their tag line of “No elves.” I thought it was cool but never looked further.
In case you didn’t know there were a few really neat things about Talislanta. It was one of the first games to take the Tolkien mold and throw it out the window. It had its own crazy mythology and cultures. There was absolutely no attempt to “balance” the race. It had a fun and easy game system. Why the hell didn’t I play this game back then?
Recently, I’ve been thinking more about games and settings that just ditch the common elf, dwarf, halfling, blah, blah, type stuff and try to strike out in a different direction. So the other I day I decided that I wanted to hit the net and see what I could find about Talislanta.
Lo and behold. It’s all there. Sweet. I’m still reading and gather inspiration from the setting and that’s the main thing. Something that isn’t so normal. It’s amazing how you can look at something when you’re younger and just say, “meh” and move on. But then you go back with a more mature eye and say, “Damn, I was an idiot.”
So if you’re curious just a href=”″head on over there and check it out/a.

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