YARC Released Into The Wild

So I was scanning through RPG Blog Alliance feed this afternoon and there’s another brain out there that thinks sort of like I do. Frightening thought, huh?
There’s no hard feelings anywhere, so that’s no no problem. As a matter of fact, you should go check out The RPG Outsider’s blog. He’s got some neat stuff over there.
But on the drive home this evening I was thinking. Damn, YARC (Yet Another Retro Clone) should be just a bit of OSR jargon by now. So it should be released into the wild and set free of any “who thought it of first type” stuff. But if you do happen to write that retroclone that makes $1,000,000,000 then at least pass out some thumbs ups, OK? And as a little bonus here’s a simple graphic that I worked up awhile ago. Feel free to use it if y’all want.

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