YARC: Some Basics, Saves & Skills

Yeah, I know I haven’t ranting about my own little retroclone home game recently. That’s the joy of working without a deadline. Currently, my little gaming group is busy playing Classic Deadlands and teh Dresden Files RPG. So I got time to work on this little project. But any way I wanted to throw out some basics.
I really like the simplicity of one Save Mechanic from Swords & Wizardry plus tack on the Saves as Skills mechanics and it’s just golden. But I decided to make it one step simpler.
All characters have a base Save of 16. This gets modified by the appropriate Attribute modifier, Racial and Class Abilities. Additionally, characters gain a bonus equal to 1/2 their level rounded down.
This may sound over simplified but remember, kids, I like Castles & Crusades too. And that game has it’s neat Save mechanic. A Save for each attribute. Yep, dump stats can kill you. I’m looking at break down roughly like this:
Strength: Constriction, Crushing, Grappling
Dexterity: Traps and Effects Which Can Be Dodged.
Constitution: Poison, Disease and Drugs.
Intelligence: Illusions and Most Arcane Magic
Wisdom: Gaze Attacks and Most Divine Magic
Charisma: Fear and Charm effects
I know there a few other things I got to throw in there but this me just throwing random thoughts out there.

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