Gnomlings: Why not?

OK, I admit it. I’m not that fond of Gnomes and Halflings. Oh, sure I have played a few in my time but I was young, experimenting and probably drunk.
To keep things simple, why not just make them one race. Sometimes I think Gnomes just might be Halflings with shoes. A race of short lucky kleptomaniac illusionist pranksters. Yeah, I know that kind of sounds like Kender but damn since Dragonlance just about every Halfling has been a Kender in disguise. Heck, they’re really not that much different.
This is just a random thought floating around in my head. But really do you need both races in a campaign world? Think about they really aren’t that much different.

7 thoughts on “Gnomlings: Why not?”

  1. I don’t guess you have to have either in your game, right? I mean, unless you want them. I mean, I don’t guess you have to ‘combine’ them, I would just go with one of the names and explain to your players what the aspects are in your game. I imagine it should be easy enough.


  2. Actually, I had 3 consistent house rules at character generation for about 20 years straight. #3 was no gnomes. I have since relented on that one, but it took 20 years.


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