The OSR: Not Dead Yet

So that’s the buzz right now and what most folks are saying are true. It’s not so much about winning or losing but finally having having a company understand a big chunk of their consumer base.
Like I ranted before, it’s time for evolution not revolution. It’s time to take those nifty bits of the classics games we love and tweak them to create games that not only are reminiscent of what got us into this hobby in the first but games that take into account the lessons we’ve learned over the past decades.
The most important thing we can take from past lessons is NOT to be jerks. Let’s not rekindle the insanity of the Edition Wars with what game is the most pure. What mechanic is too New School. Let’s understand that one of the glories of Old School games is understanding that different groups play differently. Just deal with it. For each and every gamer out there, there’s a slightly different opinion about what exactly is Old School.
Just remember the Golden Rule. Have fun playing it.

One thought on “The OSR: Not Dead Yet”

  1. I fought in the Edition wars waaaay back in the 90’s. It turned out it was all over something that could have been prevented in other ways. Now, I’m loving the OSR, and the blogsplosion of writing about things I played back in the day. I have to agree; we all need to respect the Golden Rule.


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