Dollar Store Treasures

Just like about everybody else I’m gaming on a budget. That means when I have the time I stop by dollar and craft stores and consignment shops just to see there’s some cheap little tidbit I can use for gaming. This week I happened on a couple of cool things.
First, I saw this “stacking” game. Really, not sure how much of a game it really is but I just looked at that for a moment and said flying bases! Ten of them for a dollar not bad and better than those plastic things they use in pizza boxes.

Second, I found some dragons that are just about the right size. Heck at a dollar a piece still a pretty cool deal even though they do look a bit silly but close enough. Once again, throwing them in with some mini’s from various manufacturers for scale.

So there you have it. More gaming on the cheap.

One thought on “Dollar Store Treasures”

  1. Those dragons might look a little better with a base. It might help them fit in with the overall look of the other miniatures you’ve got there, making it obvious they’re part of the set. Though I can see it would be at the expense of their flexibility of positioning.


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