These Rats Might Have 2,000 CP

Yeah, I heard about most of the little kerfuffle over rats with treasure. While not part of the original discussion, it was interesting watching the ripples pass from g+ to the blogosphere. But this got me thinking. OK, why would rats have copper pieces? Then I came up with this little idea.

Rats, Miser
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice: 1d4 hit points
Attacks: Bite (1d4)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Carry Disease
Move: 12

Miser rats are the product of a young wizard’s failed attempt to end a vermin infestation. The wizard conjured a magical plague to wipe out the rats. Unfortunately, the surviving rats adapted to the disease and continued to thrive. Miser rats are affected by and carriers of a blood thinning disease (know as Artemis’s Rat Anemia). Because of this they have a craving for some metals. Primarily, copper and iron. Their nests are often littered with gnawed nails, needles and coins.
A character bitten by a Miser Rat must make a saving throw versus disease. If the character fails then he has contracted Artemis’s Rat Anemia. Until the character is cured of the disease, he has a -2 penalty to Strength and Constitution. Natural healing occurs at half the normal rate and magical healing is one half effective.

3 thoughts on “These Rats Might Have 2,000 CP”

  1. I had the idea of the family of rats being some kind of obsessive/compulsive group. They are driven to have exactly 2000cp in their nest. If you come along and take some of the coins then the rats will do everything they can to get more coins, so you could go back a month later and rob them again. If the party rests near by then there would be a percentage chance that they nibble PCs coin pouches during the night, taking away only copper pieces.



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