Tales of the Scarecrow for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

James Raggi IV is still cranking out those creepy fun adventures. This time it’s Tales of the Scarecrow and it’s only $2.50.
This is a really short and compact adventure and how long it takes a party to get through will all depend on the party. Tales of the Scarecrow is very much a”It Depends What The Party Does” type of adventure. A party could get through it in a matter of minutes or spend an entire evening messing with place.
I won’t go into any spoilers but the whole adventure centers around a cornfield, a scarecrow and a three-room farmhouse. That’s it. There’s basically one monster. Yeah, just one. And in true Raggi fashion there some awesome but very dangerous magic items that have some interesting side effects. The whole adventure is only 10 pages.
What I really like about so many of the Lamentations adventures is that the choices that the player characters makes can have an effect on the game world and the campaign (looking at you Death Frost Doom). It’s not just a Hack ’em and Slash ’em and move on. When I’m stuck on writing something or just wondering if want I spent a couple hours feverishly hashing out, I read a little of James Raggi’s stuff. It’s sort of a bench mark for coolness and uniqueness.
Tales of the Scarecrow has a lot punch in just a few pages and couple of encounters. Well worth checking out.

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