Green Devil Face No. 5

OK, OK. I get it. I’m really behind on ranting about stuff. But heck. Life’s been really busy. This little rant is about Green Devil Face No. 5 and for just $1.25 it’s a pretty damned cool little PDF.
The description on Drivethrurpg gives a you good idea about what’s crammed into those 12 (13 if you count the cover) pages. There’s one nasty little trap but the bulk of the book is charts. Handy charts.
Now, I’ll admit that that I probably won’t use the Natural 1/Natural 20 (Fumble/Crit) charts. Got too many of those damned things anyway. But this guys humble opinion the real gems here are “What’s up with that cult?” and the new experience and advancement charts. The “What’s up with that cult?” chart earned a place in my weird DM notebook. It’s a quick and easy way to put roll up a crazy cult.
The random advancement and experience table is one of those things that so simple but still awesome. Let me lump these together into one thought. First, all characters start off at the same base line. There’s a simple d6 roll after an adventure. Success gain a level. Fail and try again next time. When a character levels up, there isn’t the cookie cutter addition of XYZ abilities. Instead roll on a class specific chart and hope for the best. Once again really simple but will add a butt load of variation to characters of the same class.
Like I said it’s only $1.25. It’s worth it.

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