What The Hell Is That Drop Chart

This one goes out to Zak Smith for enlightening us on drop charts, James Raggi who put the revived the weird in fantasy and Mike Evans who is always making even more crazy drop charts.
This started off as just a quick and easy way to work the Summoning spell from Lamentations of the Flame Princess but then what the hell. It works fine for the what a quickie “What the hell is that” monster generator. I shouldn’t have to tell you but don’t be a slave to the chart. Use it as springboard to create a quick nightmarish horror.
Here’s the Original PDF.
And here’s Version 2 of the PDF after Zak’s suggestion.

And A newer version with more notes and clarifications.
Here’s the quick and dirty method to use the chart:
Base Creature: The default stats are: AC 12, 1 attack at d6 damage, Move 30 Feet Ground, Saves as 5th Level Fighter.

Drop a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 on the chart.
d4: The Head. If any other die rolls the same number then creature has more than one head.
d6: The Torso: If any other die rolls the same number then combine the descriptions
d8: The Limbs: Once again, if any die matches then the creature has more than one type of limb.
Powers: Where a die lands, the creature gets that power
Total of the dice=The Creature’s Hit Points.

Option A: Drop a number of d8’s equal to the creature’s HD. The total is the Hit Points. Highest number (and any dice matching) are the head. Lowest number (and any dice matching) are the limbs. Four and Five are for the torso. Where a dice lands, add in that power.

GM’s should also make any minor adjustments based on the physical descriptors of the creature.

4 thoughts on “What The Hell Is That Drop Chart”

  1. I think you should put the die types that correspond to the body parts next to them on the chart so it says like

    “d4 Head Crystalline
    d6 Torso living lava”


  2. Thanks for the shout out! đŸ™‚ Sorry it took me so long to look at this thing. Very cool idea! I like it. Simple, quick, and easy!

    I created a monster Die drop list that is similar to this, and it’s worked really well.. Monsters like this are awesome, because they are unexpected, and freak out the players because they don’t know what they are or expect.

    Awesome job, buddy!:)


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