Roll XX & Teratic Tome Double Shot

Had some time amid all the other chaos that happening to pick two really awesome PDF’s that get the really warped side of my muse going.
Roll XX is a handy book of charts and these aren’t just plain old “How much is that worth?” charts. There’s some really weird stuff with equally weird and many times darkly humorous results. Hell, I laughed a couple of times just reading it. And it wasn’t that evil “I’m going to kill all the player characters” DM type laugh. No that was inner psycho-muse laugh. If you’re running a straight laced campaign maybe this isn’t for you. But if you’re the kind of person that likes to throw in a little bit of macabre gonzo stuff. Then yeah. Pick it up. And it’s not just Fantasy. It’s got Super Hero, Modern, Horror and SciFi. That last one has some special interest since one of the games I’m chomping to get my mitts on is Machinations of the Space Princess (coming soon from Postmortem Studios).
The other neat product I picked up was the Teratic Tome.
This is one whacked out crazy book of monsters. I mean that in the best possible way. Not your ordinary list creepy crawlies. There’s a butt load of devils, demons and aberrations. I mean any book that has a Gelatinous Pyramid is a must buy. Plus there’s some really nice twists of some classics like the Goblin Princess, Halflings and the Elven Khatun. There’s some freaky ass dragons too. I know there are tons of monster books out there but this one that plays outside the box and will keep those pesky players guessing. It was designed for OSRIC but is easily translated into the retroclone of your choice.
And both these products are available on Drivethurpg (just follow those links above) and were spawned from the imagination of Rafael Chandler.

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