Underworld Kingdom

One of the things I really love about the OSR is mixing, matching and kit bashing. Basically, you find that set of rules that just speak to you and then run with it and adapt whatever material you come across. Now I admit that I haven’t been too much attention to a lot of the things going on. It’s been nose to the grindstone and just peaking out when I get the chance. I heard about Underworld Kingdom and thought, “Let’s give this one a look.”
Last week, I yacked about Space Age Sorcery from Hereticwerks. This week a little bit about Underworld Kingdom Volume 1.
Like I said earlier, I like kit bashing. Volume 1 of Underworld Kingdom is ripe for it. The current free version isn’t so much a game or setting but a series of inspirational rules for a Carcosa style campaign. You know insanity, mixed tech levels, undead and general weirdness. And if you’ve been around here enough then you know I like weird. There’s a couple interesting twists on the cleric class and a new Racial Class called the Dead Ones. Like I said, this isn’t a complete product (yet) but it does serve as good spring board for inspiration. There’s a good chance the the Character Quirks, Words of The Oracle, The Death Experience, and Minor Mutations charts just might end up in my Mighty Notebook of GM Chart.
Did I happen to mention that it’s free? So go ahead, check it out and draw some inspiration. Because damn all this Old School SciFi weirdness has me really thinking.

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