The Dwarven Ricochet Hammer

Another little magic item popped into my head:
Long plagued by goblins pilfering their mines, the dwarves crafted this ingenious weapon to clear crowd tunnels of opponents.
The Dwarven Ricochet Hammer is a +1 magical throwing hammer doing 1d6+1 damage and has a range of 60 feet. The wielder makes a ranged attack against a primary target. If the hammer hits then the primary target takes damage as normal. The hammer then ricochets. Each target within a 20 foot radius of the primary target roll a successful Saving Throw or take 1d6+1 damage. The hammer then returns to the wielder. If the attack against the primary target misses then the hammer continues to fly out to its range of 60 feet.
If you happen to use fumbles in your game then a Natural 1 could prove interesting for any nearby party members.

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