Still Thinking About An OSR Game

You know I had every intention of starting up an Old School game in June. It’s July it’s obvious that didn’t happen but it’s still on my mind. I’m also not still 100% sure what exactly I want to do.
First, fit one in with my regular group on our gaming schedule. That probably wouldn’t happen for over a year. That’s what we’re like. We’ll play one campaign/game for a long time. It’s cool and this isn’t any commendation but that option is probably right out for the foreseeable future.
My other idea is to hit up the FLGS. They do have open gaming on Sunday so I’m sure they’d be cool with that. Plus it’ll give me a chance to play around with all that cool and cheap DIY dungeon terrain I’ve been working on. But when you’re doing an open gaming thing sometimes, you really don’t know who you will end up with. Plus I can tend to be a little risque and that wouldn’t fly too well with young ones around.
Then there’s G+. Many folks have had fun and great success running games online. And I really like to try it. Plus I’d have a little more control over who plays in the game. Also, looking at my schedule, I know I’m going to have to do some play testing in the future and that should be a perfect platform for that.
So with that, I shall still continue to ponder and plan. But I will make a decision and heck maybe even start a game this month. Wish me luck.

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