The Sword of Wonder

Why should Magic-Users have all the fun with their Wands of Wonder? Devised by an eccentric wizard who grew weary of the constant bragging and attention the “brave warrior” types always received, he created a devious magic weapon just for them.
The Sword of Wonder appears as a normal magical long sword until swung in combat. When the sword strikes an opponent instead of doing damage normally roll on the following chart:
1. Wielder and opponent are teleported into pocket dimension only to emerge when there is victor. The victor emerges with the appearance of the loser.
2. Wielder and opponent switch alignments.
3. Wielder and opponent switch genders.
4. Opponent is healed fully.
5. Opponent is cleaved in two. Each with 1/2 maximum HP but all other abilities at full strength.
6. Swarm of butterflies surround the wielder and opponent. Both at -2 to hit.
7. Swarm of carnivorous butterflies surround the wielder and opponent. Each take 1d4 damage per round for 1d6 rounds.
8. All ferrous metals within 20 feet of the Wielder are strongly magnetized. Strength and Dexterity checks required depending on the size and quantity of items in the area.
9. Wielder and opponent are rendered invisible but only to each other.
10. The Wielder hits his opponent as normal.
11. Wielder and opponent teleported 1d6 times 10 feet in a random direction.
12. Everyone and everything within 20 feet regenerates 3d6 HP.
13. The sounds of battle attract a wandering monster. Roll and see what shows up.
14. Fireball! Everyone within 30 feet Save or take 6d6 damage.
15. Nothing happens. But roll again for an illusionary effect.
16. Wielder is healed fully.
17. A random target within 20 feet of the wielder is dealt normal weapon damage.
18. Opponent hits itself.
19. Opponent takes damage equal to the amount of damage that the wielder has taken (Max HP-Current HP).
20. Opponent must Save vs Magic or be disintegrated.
The Sword of Wonder is considered a cursed magic item. Remove Curse spells will not release the wielder from this burden. He must acquire and use another cursed magic weapon for 3d6 weeks. That is if he survives.

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