The Scab Golem

If you were paying attention on my other blog, we came up with a cool idea for a monster name. The Scab Golem. That name is just too cool to let pass. So here you go another creepy creature to give the player characters nightmares.
A long forgotten sect of necromancers sought out a quick and relatively easy method to create golems. The result of their horrendous is the Scab Golem. The creature is created with the blood and viscera left over from other experiments. The resulting creature is a bizarre necormatic construct sharing traits of both the undead and a traditional golem.
HD 8
AC 9 [10]
Atk 2 fists (2d6)
Move 8
Save 8
CL/XP 12/2000
Special: Hit only by magic weapons, Magic Resistance 75% (Magic-User spells only), Fear Aura, Turnable, Confused.
Fear Aura: Anyone seeing a Scab Golem must make a Saving Throw or flee in terror as the Fear spell.
Turnable: A Scab Golem maybe turned by clerics like an 8 HD undead creature (Mummy).
Confused: Bits and pieces of dozens of souls make up a Scab Golem. Often this will make the creature behave erratically. There is a 10% chance each combat round that the Scab Golem will act as if it under the influence of the Confusion spell.

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