The Chicken of Invisibilty

Once again my gaming group baffles the mind and comes up with some really good inspiration. This was actually a joke from our Dresden Files game but I thought dang that would make an “interesting” magic item.
The Chicken of Invisibility appears to be a normal chicken that has been defeathered and gutted. It still has all of its other bits (head, feet, wings) intact. If a character holds The Chicken of Invisibility in front of himself then the character (and the chicken) become invisible. Unfortunately, the character’s armor, equipment and clothes don’t. There is a 1 in 6 chance that any guards and so forth will able detect or at least get a feeling that something is “over there” This could be due to noise or the smell of a dead chicken. If there character is detected, he may throw the chicken away. Every other character must make a Saving Throw or chase after the chicken.
In a more modern setting, a rubber chicken can be substituted for a normal.
Yeah, we’re that kind of group that comes up with all sorts of crazy stuff.

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