The Wand of Too Many Spells

The Wand of Too Many Spells is another one those crazy magic items that just popped into my crazy little head. It could be fun. It might be overpowered. That all depends on how the dice fall.
The Wand of Too Many Spells appears as a simple wand without any extravagant decoration. In the hands of Magic-User it can be extremely useful and dangerous.
The wand allows the Magic-User to cast any spell from his spell book up to 5th level. But there’s a catch. There’s a chance that the wand malfunctions. That chance is X in d6 where X is the level of the spell. So for a 1st level spell, it’s 1 in 6. 2nd level; 2 in 6. And so on. If the wand works normally then fine, the spell goes off as if the Magic-User had cast it. But if it malfunctions then the wand explodes doing the spell’s level times two d6 damage to every one in a 20 foot radius. Yeah, you can save for half damage.
With luck this wand could last a long time or it can explode on the first attempt. And yes when it explodes, it’s ruined. No more wand.

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