Turning Undead

It’s October and so I’m thinking about Undead. OK, I think about a lot of things. This time it’s about tweaking Turning Undead. I like things simple and sometimes not exactly easy for player characters. So two ideas crashed together in my head. One from Lamentations of the Flame Princess and the other from Pathfinder. So here we go.

Turn Undead
Spell Level: Cleric 1
Range: 0
Duration: Concentration
The cleric brandishes his holy symbol and repels all the undead within a 20 foot radius. The undead creatures are allowed a Saving Throw to negate the effect. This Saving Throw is modified by the difference between the cleric’s level and the HD of the creature. For example: A 1st level cleric repelling a 4 HD undead, the creature would have +3 bonus to its save. If a 4th level cleric were attempting to repel a 1 HD undead then the save would be at -3. The undead may attempt to save each round.
The cleric must concentrate to continue this spell. He may not cast any other spells, use an item, or shout orders (other than one or two words in a round). He move but only at half his normal rate. If he is attacked he must make a Saving Throw or lose concentration.

Destroy Undead
Spell Level: 3
Range: 0
Duration: Instant
The cleric brandishes his holy symbol and attempts to destroy any undead creatures within a 15 foot radius. The undead are allowed a Saving Throw to negate this. If the undead HD is great than the cleric’s level then the difference is a bonus to the Saving Throw.

OK, so that was very rough and just spilled out of my head. Thoughts.

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