The Mirror of Opposition

Here’s another crazy cursed magic item for old school games inspired by the crazy antics in the Dresden Files campaign.

The Mirror of Opposition
A mischievous and slightly insane wizard created this item to deal with an exceedingly annoying paladin. Now, it lays lost and forgotten in ruins of a dark dungeon.
When a character gazes into the Mirror of Opposition and fails a Saving Throw versus Magic, he is cursed to say the opposite of what he means. The character is completely unable to tell the truth even if saying things don’t make any sense.
The mirror is so aligned with opposition that casting Remove Curse will not help the victim of the mirror. Curse must be cast to release the poor sod who dared mess that pretty magical mirror.

Yes. I know. This is a pretty simple one. But fun! Here check out this little clip from Journey Quest to get the idea.
Or just watch the whole episode.

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