Races, Classes & Green Devil Faces

I know that I’ve yacked at about this one before but I’ve been thinking about this and there’s been some talk on the Google Plus Lamentations of the Flame Princess Community about using the alternate progression charts from Green Devil Face No. 5 by James Raggi IV. So I figured what the heck. Let’s roll some dice and see what happens.
Here’s the basics. Instead of the normal “this is what you get” when a character levels up, you roll to see what happens. You can roll 1d10 twice or 1d12 once. The benefit on the d12 is that you get four things from the chart if you roll an ll or 12. Each class starts off the same at first level including all saving throws at 15. I decided to do a 10th level character of each class. One rolling just d10’s and the other rolling just d12’s. I’ve included any benefits Some of this may not make sense unless you’ve read thru the Lamentations rules. Since I’m don’t want to bore you with what I rolled, here’s some crazy conclusions that I’ve come up with compared to the normal progression.

  • Characters will have a lot fewer HP. I mean a lot for example on 10th Cleric ended up with only 3d6 worth of HP. But those are the breaks.
  • Characters of the same class may vary wildly.
  • Characters have a chance to pick up things they would normally like Attack Bonuses (for non-fighters) and Skill Points (for non-Specialists).
  • Spell Casters are given more choice in spell progression.
  • Rolling that d12 instead of d10’s is a real gamble.
  • I actually think that these are features and not bugs. And if you’ve been paying close attention, I’ve been thinking about starting up a Gonzo Old Game. This idea just might be the quick and easy way to cobble together a bunch of odd ball races that will sort of act like Race as Class but still give some wild variety to the characters. It’s slightly easier than writing up a whole class but doesn’t have the handy anybody can be anything mentality. Here’s a quick and dirty take on a Lizardman
    1 +1d6 Hit Points
    2 +1d6 Hit Points
    3 +1 All Saving Throws
    4 +2 One Saving Throw
    5 +1 Skill Point
    6 +1 Defensive Attack Bonus
    7 +2 Press Attack Bonus
    8 +1 Attack Bonus
    9 +1 Attack Bonus
    10 +1 Attack Bonus
    11 Results 1, 3, 7 and 8
    12 Results 2, 4, 5 and 8

    Of course, if anyone has used this system. Shout out and let the world know what you think.

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