More Dollar Store Treasures!

Yes, I’ve been bouncing around since the New Year happened so it’s time to catch on those dollar store finds.
First, there’s a couple of pieces I picked then did a little touch paint job. Originally these were Christmas decorations and little paint took care of that. Even though there are three pieces, it was two “items” at the store. The bridge was one and the two wall sections and tree were another. These are resin and not plaster so they should be durable to take getting thrown into the big box of terrain. Pictured with some figures for scale. Yes the bridge is a little narrow but I can live with it.
Next up TREASURE! I’ve been a pack or two of these at time whenever I find them. Perfect for games that use some sort of token like Fate Points in FATE or Bennies in Savage Worlds. Note: I’ve had that old jewelry box for years just seemed to cool to use that for the picture. And heck adventurers always want treasure.
And finally, most recent acquisition. I just saw this thing and had to have it. It was only $1 so what the heck. I know I can scare the crap out of PC’s with this one.
That’s the recent haul’s from the dollar store. Need to take some time to hit up some second hand stores and in the spring there’s gonna be garage sales.

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