Famine Fairies

These friendly and ever helpful fairies enjoy lending a helping hand to mortals. They will repair shoes, boots, clothing and even magic items. They will clean homes and put everything into an orderly fashion. There’s just a couple of catches. First, they will do this without even being asked. Second, the price is food. All of your food. More distressing, they are drawn to areas that happen to short on food which generally leads to disastrous consequences.

Famine Fairies
Hit Dice: 1d4 Hit Points
Armor Class: 5[14]
Attacks: Sword or Tiny Bow (1d3)
Save: 18
Special: Invisible at will, Magic Resistance 60%, Teleport Any quantity of food at will, Repair any item at will.
Alignment: Chaotic
Challenge Level/XP: 3/60
These spry little fae will descend on an area like a locust plague and leave any inhabitants well dressed but starving. Enterprising player characters might even attempt to lure a small hoard of the creatures to repair their gear or possibly magic items at the cost of food. This may seem easy but the Famine Fairies only seem to appear in areas where famine and huger are real threat.

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