Freemind: A Free Tool to Mind Map

I like free tools and stuff that makes my life easier and this is a good one not only for throwing ideas for a campaign, sand box, dungeon or what not.
Freemind is handy little Java based tool to “mind map” that is put down all those random ideas in some sort order. If you’re like me, you just have too many random ideas to keep straight. What you can with this is pretty limited by your imagination and creativity. Now I admit that I would like a little better if it could handle images more efficiently but it is free and you can work around it. Just look at this quick and easy little map I made for the World of Skarynth. I didn’t even use all the functions available this is just the simple stuff. Oh and did I happen to mention that you can export the files too.

Click to enbiggen

So it’ really worth a look, folks. I really plan on using this a lot more for a lot of different kind of projects.

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