Flail Parties

OK, this crazy idea popped into my head. You know about Flailsnails right? Basically, it’s a little OSR thing. Bring whatever character into a campaign. Fun and simple. If that sounds cool then check out the Google + Community for it.
So here’s a thought. What about place that’s a repository for OSR characters. Let’s say there’s a game going via Google Hangouts or maybe you’re a running a game at a convention or at your FLGS. Somebody shows up without a character. Just go to the repository and pull a character and play it. Then the character goes back into the repository when the player is done. The character gets adjusted for experience, loot, or any other things that might happen. The character’s go up in level but get played by different people. New characters get added. Old characters die and get removed from the data base and so on. I know folks will be more likely to pull a character and use it rather than spend the time to update it and put it back into the rotation.
I’m not sure how exactly this should be implemented whether via Google drive or a blog or a wiki. Right now, it’s just an idea bouncing around inside my head. Thoughts? Critics?

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