If you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been brainstorming on some Gonzo Space Opera action. While dong this I went back and looked more closely at some of the stuff that’s sitting on the good old hard drive. Lo and behold! There was X-plorers!
X-plorers is a simplified Sci-Fi game based on the old editions. There’s only four stats (Agility, Intelligence, Physique, and Presence) with the normal 3 to 18 range. The Saves and Skill system have a lot of influence from Swords & Wizardry (another of my favorites) with rolling a number or greater on a d20. Very simple and to the point. The core book has only four classes (Scientist, Soldier, Scout, and Technician) with some decent multiclassing rules. Throw in the Aliens & Robots supplement and you’ve got pretty much endless options. Most importantly, there’s an easy starship combat system. I really hate SciFi RPG’s where starship combat is in reality a whole other game. Plus, there’s something for all the characters to do. That’s major points. As far as equipment goes there’s a decent selection in the core book but hey, there’s a supplement for that too. X-plorers pretty much hits it on all points for me. I’d like a little more details psionics systems but that’s not a real biggie. I’ve got a couple of ideas bouncing around inside my head. It’s simple. It’s clean. And OSR fans and newbies should be able to pick it up quickly. Should I also mention that there’s a free adventure too? Cleopatra Station.
This is great game as starting point for all those crazy ideas bouncing around inside my head. A few tweaks here and there. And some total awesomeness. Now I have to give some credit where credit is due. I probably wouldn’t have look too closely at X-plorers if hadn’t been for the awesome Exonauts blog. Check out the Rad Astra setting over there.

2 thoughts on “X-Plorers!”

  1. Good call. I was a big Traveller fan back in the day, but now I want something more free-form, with less baggage. If I can ever get my game group back together (real life- sigh), I want to run X-Plorers. I just bought the Brave Halfling print edition, and the alien and robot supplement. Did you notice, in the BH edition, starship classes don’t have numbers of weapons listed, while in the free edition they do? I wonder if that was a typo, or a deliberate omission? That was the only issue I had. Big ships with lots of guns could make mincemeat of smaller PC sized ships. Thanks for the blog!


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