It’s Halloween Time!

And the stores have started getting in their decorations. You know what that means. More El Cheapo gaming stuff!
I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and picked up a couple of little goodies. First, we got three little gargoyles for just a buck. Not bad and shown with Some D&D minis for scale.

Don't worry. They're just statues.
Don’t worry. They’re just statues.

And then I saw this little beauty. I just could not pass up a gazebo made of bones. Heck even added it over there on the column head. And once again just buck and shown with some mini’s for scale.
Just shoot it with a crossbow.
Just shoot it with a crossbow.

Now they had some other stuff. The monsters were a little too big and cartoony for my tastes and the buildings were just quite right when can to size. I might get the mausoleum or maybe some spooky sections of fence later on.

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