2.5 Dungeon and The $20 Dungeon Meet

One of the cool things going around is the 2.5 Dungeon. Just go check out the DM’s Craft Channel on Youtube. And if you remember from a long time ago I did my own little $20 Dungeon Project. So I figured I’d combine the two.
If you remember I just recently did the dungeon tiles using some cork I found in an old box. It was pretty simple. Use a metal straight edge to cut the tiles into usable sizes, paint them gray, and then used a Sharpie to draw the lines. That’s it. They’re light weight weight and seem fairly durable.
Instead of using cardboard for the wall sections. I used 3/4 inch square wooden dowels. It’s a little more expensive and heavier. But much more sturdy and durable. Plus I suck at using a hot glue gun. I experimented with smaller sizes like 1/2 or 5/8 but the just seemed too small. And 1 inch was much more expensive plus there’s always one person at the table who doesn’t see the orc “hiding” behind the wall. These were also pretty easy to make. I used a jig saw to cut the dowels. If you don’t then you’ll just have to muscle way through by hand. Then I sanded the cut ends and “top” two edges. Then gray paint and mark it off at roughly 1 inch intervals. Now, one note. When you cut the dowels, cut the small pieces first. It’s easier and much, much more safer.
The doors were also made from the 3/4 inch dowel cut into 1 inch pieces then stood on end so they can be easily differentiated from the walls. Also while I was at the hardware store, I picked a little bag of 1 inch diameter wooden plugs/disks. I painted these to look like a magic circle, a camp fire, a treasure hoard, and a well/pit.
All that stuff plus a little more fit into this handy little box that I picked up at Harbor Freight Tools for under $5. Note: They also have lots of inexpensive storage boxes for mini’s.

2 thoughts on “2.5 Dungeon and The $20 Dungeon Meet”

  1. Very nice! Years ago, I made my own El Cheapo battlemat with some white cardboard I had lying around. I thought 1″ squares looked too crowded, so I ruled it off with 2″ squares, representing 10′ grids. I used inexpensive dominoes from a dollar store for most terrain. I did build a few door units of stiff grey cardboard. I cut 1″x 2″ uprights with 1″x 1″ bases and glued them together with Elmers. That made them plenty strong. I made a few double doors 2″ wide the same way. Since most of the materials were scrounged, the cost was very low.


  2. Way cool. I have some dominoes somewhere in a box of misc parts that I haven’t done anything with. I’m thinking maybe some sort of evil altar or something.


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