Mutant Future & Bandits & Battlecruisers

I know I haven’t blogged anything of late. I’ve been busy reading. One the really neat things about the OSR is that there’s so much stuff. And if you just don’t happen to grab something when it’s new and shiny. It’s OK to go back and grab some stuff and start reading.
You know I’ve been on a Space Opera kick and this was latest acquisition. Highly recommended. Even if you just want to use all those charts. And bonus. It’s Pay What You Want on Drivethrurpg. You really don’t have anything to lose. It’s a solid old-school space opera game. And pretty easy to kit bash with things like X-plorers. But then of course like a cat with laser pointer. I get distracted and start reading some Mutant Future.
I’m still digesting all of it but damn there is whacky gonzo stuff that I’m just aching to kit bash. Yeah, I just may have some more crazy ideas that are going to keep my up all night. Well, not in a nightmare way but in the “I have too many ideas bouncing around inside my head!” way.
So if you’ll excuse me I have to mutate some space elves.

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