Foam Counting Blocks: More Dollar Store Finds

foam blocks
I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and saw these little beauties. I bypassed them at first but dang there are so many things you can do with blocks: Terrain, flying bases, makers or whatever on the game board. Your basic blocks are can be almost anything your little hears can imagine. Heck, if you don’t like the colors, I’ve heard you can even paint this stuff (but it does soak up the paint like crazy). These aren’t Styrofoam but that same stuff that the foam sheets you find in the same store are made from. They’re light weight and fairly durable. And 50 for a buck, ain’t bad. Here you can see a couple with some mini’s for scale. Not bad, cheap, and the uses are limited only by your creativity.
for scale

One thought on “Foam Counting Blocks: More Dollar Store Finds”

  1. If you need to paint these blocks, go pick up some interior house paint, latex paint. This will coat your foam with little to no paint being absorbed by the foam. This paint also works well on regular beaded Styrofoam.


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