Strange Stars: A Mini Review

Yes, this is a repost. But hey it’s a damned fine product.
Why the heck would I pay $10 for a system neutral setting that’s only 30 pages long? Because it’s freaking awesome.
If you’ve been following along with my blogging, I’ve been on a real space opera kick lately. When I heard about this, I thought cool. When I started hearing good things about it then I thought I just have to get this.
Now, I’ve seen plenty of system neutral settings or even settings with a system and so many of them sucked. They were clunky, over complicated or just down right silly. Strange Stars isn’t any of those things. The layout and the information is put forth in a clear, evocative and entertaining manner. While it’s system neutral, Game Masters have enough info to port it into whatever system they want. There’s plans for an official FATE version and an OSR style game. But heck you easily use Traveller, Hardnova 2, d6, Stars Without Number, Machinations of the Space Princess, Star Frontiers, X-Ploreres or Savage Worlds (There reliable rumors of a fan hack coming soon). Any way those would be my games of choice to run Strange Stars with.
The background is interesting. You can see the fingerprints of common settings and tropes without it seeming like somebody just filed off the serial numbers of Star Wars and Star Trek then tried to cram both of them into a crazy fanboy universe. And heck you could just tweak it and mix it with your own ideas.
All in all, Strange Stars has the goods. It’s got plenty of ideas for totally rad Space Opera from days gone by. Now if you more detail about what’s going on in the book, just head on over to Trey Causey’s (the author) blog.
You can get Strange Stars at Drivethrurpg. It’s worth every penny.

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