The Valley of Primordial Evil

A crazy and dangerous idea for the World of Yarc.
Imagine an area that is evil. It’s in a key location but nothing can be reallly done about it. It’s like an artifact that can’t be destroyed. A place where even the land itself is corrupted. It beckons to the weak willed and the power hungry. It draws them in and offers them great power.It can turn a peasant into mighty Lich. Corrupt a paladin into being a genocidal maniac.
Situated strategicaly between the Eastern and Mid Kingdoms, The Land of Primordial Evil is a power and dangerous place. Many fools have tried to harness its power with disasterous results.
Well meaning kings have attempted to build a wall around it but only to have some knight or even a lowly laborer fall under the spell of the land. If left alone or ignored. Someone will eventually be drawn in. The Valley of Primoridal Evil cannot be blocked off, guarded, blessed or dispelled.

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