The Clipclops for Far Away Land

I too have been bitten by the Far Away Land bug. So for your adventuring pleasure, I present the Clipclops.
Clipclops (4)
The head of a cyclops, the torso of a human, the pincers of a crab and the body of a horse. Or part cyclops, part centaur, part crab-man. Maybe they were a mad experiment or just evolution gone wrong. Clipclops are belligerent creatures who roam coastal areas and tropical islands attacking any who enter their territory. They especially enjoy hunting poor souls who have been shipwrecked.
Archetype: Monster
Size: Giant (+2)
HP: 23
AC: 2
ACT: 5
BR: 3
DEX: 1

Pincers: 1d6+1

Short and to the point. Enjoy. And see I told you I can’t draw.

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