Murder Hobos! Oh where have you been all my life?

Why haven’t I been playing this game before? I know it’s been out for a pretty long time but I just never got around to picking it up. But then I did.
It’s down right dead simple and easy. No extra stuff. It’s literally about killing monsters and their stuff. Here’s the “skill: list: Killing Stuff, Avoid Being Killed, Knowing Shit, Talk Your Way Out of Anything, Avoiding Magic, Avoiding Traps, Avoiding Poison, Avoiding The Law. And there’s classes too: Brutal Fighter, Sneaky Bastard, Unhinged Priest, and Mad Sorcerer.
It’s just the kind of game that hits my funny bone sweet spot. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. In this case, not at all. It’s simple and flexible mechanics means you can twist and tweak it easily. The game mechanics do you use a d20 but it isn’t really based around “d20 games”. Got it?
The extra things that makes this game cool. It’s Pay What You Want. And it’s released under a Creative Commons License! So hack away world make cool stuff. Think that’s gonna be on my to do list.
So go check out Murderhobos on DrivethruRPG!

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