Another Cheap Gaming Tip for the GM on the go

A couple of months ago, I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and picked a small dominoes set. I knew there was some gaming on the cheap thing I could do with it but it wasn’t until yesterday that it hit me. They’re about the right size to use on tactical maps and the backs are smooth plastic. Duh. Dry erase markers.
DIY Dominoes
Just write down what they are right on them. Be it altar, table, bed, stairs, or even an orc. And heck you can even color code them if you want. (Now, there is a little staining after wiping off the dry erase marker but a little rubbing alcohol took care of that.) It can be anything you want. It makes very handy and efficient tool for the GM on the go. I could fill up my car with all the mini’s, terrain, and gaming doodads I’ve collected over the years. A cheap and easy way to lighten the load is pretty handy.

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