You’ve got to know when to hoard them

One thing about always being on the look out for cheap gaming deals and little DIY projects is that you always come across stuff that you have no idea how exactly you’re going to use it. But then you say to yourself, “Hey. that’s something gameable just not right now.” So yeah, I’ve got a few things that are sitting there just waiting for the right inspiration to come along. And that’s the case with Crazy Bones.
I picked a few packs these a couple of years ago at the local Walgreen’s. Pretty sure it was before this blog even started. I thought to myself there will be a good gaming use for these and then I got this space opera kick and well, you know the rest.
These can make pretty fun miniatures for robots and other nifty aliens. You can still find them on Amazon and Ebay. Just shop and find the best prices.

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