Class Compendium

James Spahn is a very busy man. While many of us are waiting on White Star to come out tomorrow, there’s over cool stuff that just came out. Mainly, the Class Compendium.
How does 50 classes for your old school game sound? That’s right 50 classes. There’s a wide range of things here from what you would expect like Friars, Knights, Burglars, and Acrobots to the really odd like Alienist, Familiar, and Lost boy. There’s a bunch of racial classes too to get your game going in that gonzo direction like a Treent, Eidolon, and Fairy. Yes, even dragons. Added on are some Victorian/Steampunk type classes like the Automation, Metaphysisian, and Investigator. Bonus, there’s additional rules for firearms and a decent compendium of spells.
If you like your games pretty vanilla then this probably isn’t for you. But if you like having a few crazy options for the players (or even non-player characters, of course) then this is great. For me, I like throwing a bit of crazy into the game so this right up my alley.
Yeah, highly recommended as an addition to whatever old school you happen to be playing. You can grab it up at Driverthrurpg [AL].

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