Outer Space Raiders Volume 1 Classes is up

Outer Space Raiders Vol 1 Classes

The first volume is done and up on Drivethrurpg. You cangrab it right here.
Guess I can this to may resume. And yes I’m working on a second volume. It’ll be monsters, aliens and such. This one will take a little more time. Thanks to everyone for their support and inspiration.
More good stuff is on the way.

4 thoughts on “Outer Space Raiders Volume 1 Classes is up”

  1. Cool! It might be too early to ask, but might there be a POD of these volumes in the future? PDFs are handy, but I’m kind of old school when it comes to printed material!


  2. This PDF isn’t that long so I probably won’t do a POD version of it alone. But if the aliens & creatures PDF is long enough, I’ll probably combine the two into a single POD omnibus sort of thing.


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