More Treasures from the Hardware Store

Time for another little find at the local big box home improvement place (Lowe’s). Normally, I check out the lumber and trim section for stuff to use for gaming but I found these little bits in the hardware section. They’ve got an aisle of various nuts, bolts, and other hardware pieces sorted out in drawers and one little section is wooden bits.
I like to use wood because it’s a good combination of weight, durability, and price. It’s easy to paint and with some tools you probably should have around the house, you can some modifications.
I grabbed a pack each of six 1-inch blocks and a dozen 1-inch disks. The blocks can be used for just about anything. I was going to use the disks to rebase some Mageknight mini’s but I thought I can do some other stuff to like I did with wooden plugs like tokens for camp fires, magic circles, or pits. Later on, I realized I could also do some customized tokens for Bennies, Fate Points, or whatever game type currency or points that I needed.
There’s more than just these shapes. There’s barrels (although a little big for scale), flower pot shaped pieces, pawns, and a few others. Each of the packs that I grabbed were under $2. Not bad.

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