Xmas in Goodies

Yeah, I know I’ve been ranting about the Xmas in July sale. I just want to take a little moment and throw a little love at a couple of the really cool things I grabbed. Both from Goodman Games.
First there’s DCC Lankhmar: Through Ningauble’s Cave. It’s no secret that I really loved the Lankmar stories and the craziness that is Dungeon Crawl Classics. Putting these two together is like chocolate and peanut butter. This is the first product of more to come so it’s a little sparse but has a bunch of really neat inspirational stuff that you could use in just about any other OSR game. (and I don’t want to throw out any spoilers.) Big thumbs up. It’s not as useful as TSR’s old Lankmar: City of Adventure.
The other was Fifth Edition Fantasy: Fey Sisters Fate. It’s a solid first level adventure. New monsters, background, and a few magic items. Oh, OK. I admit this part isn’t so much about the adventure itself but yet another rant on where the hell is the license for Fifth Edition, WOTC? Not a word. Nothing. I happen to like Fifth Edition like many folks. I want to see more stuff available for it. It’s that simple. Yes, I remember the great d20 glut and don’t want to see that happen. But come on. You guys have teasing a license for way too long. Maybe something at Gencon. Throw us bone.

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